UK Foundation Programme (UKFP) 2024 entry – Eligibility

Eligibility Application for UK Foundation Programme (UKFP) 2024

An eligibility application involves completing an online application form and providing supporting documentation. The application is done on Oriel, the national online application system for medical training in the UK, and certain evidence can be uploaded online.

Eligibility is a Pre-Application Process

The eligibility process is a pre-application step, and applicants must submit an eligibility application before applying for UKFP 2024. If deemed eligible, applicants need to complete a separate Foundation Programme application form to enter the FP recruitment process, including options for Specialised Foundation Programmes (SFP) and Foundation Priority Programmes (FPP).

Eligibility Application Requirements

You need to complete an eligibility application if:

  1. You are studying at or graduated from a non-UK medical school.
  2. You graduated from a UK medical school on or before 6 August 2022.
  3. You are a non-UK/settled national studying for a UK medical degree at a campus outside of the UK (e.g., University of Nicosia, Cyprus; St. George’s University London; Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia; Queen Mary University of London in Malta), AND either you previously applied but were unsuccessful or withdrew your application without starting the Foundation training programme.

You do not need to complete an eligibility application if:

  1. You are a UK medical student expecting to graduate by 6 August 2024.
  2. You graduated from a UK medical school after 6 August 2022.
  3. You are a UK or settled national studying for a UK medical degree at a campus outside the UK.

Timeline & Deadlines

  • 04 July – Eligibility application window opens
  • 25 July 12:00 midday (BST) – Deadline to submit an Eligibility application
  • 07 – 09 November – Clinical Assessment test dates.
  • 21 December 12:00 midday (GMT) – Deadline to send PLAB 1 results to the UKFPO
  • 13 February 12:00 midday (GMT) – Deadline to send confirmation of your PLAB 2 booking to UKFPO
  • 05 July – Deadline to send PLAB 2 results to the UKFPO
  • 05 July – Deadline for applicants to submit their application for GMC registration
  • 06 August – All applicants must have qualified from medical school and hold provisional registration by this date

UK Foundation Programme (UKFP) 2024 entry – Timeline & Deadlines. Stay updated on UKFP 2024 timeline dates! Key dates will be released incrementally. Read more.

Essential Requirements

If the eligibility application guidance specifies the need for certain evidence submission or actions to be taken (e.g., adhering to a deadline), compliance is mandatory. Failure to follow these instructions will render the application ineligible and lead to its withdrawal from the application process.

Proof of IDIdentification can be provided in the form of a passport or ID card
Dean’s StatementAll applicants are required to provide a Dean’s Statement
Medical DegreeApplicants are required to provide evidence of their medical degree
GMC Registration & PLABApplicants must be eligible for provisional registration
English Language ProficiencyEvidence of demonstrable English language skills
Right to WorkEvidence of Right to Work and sponsorship information
Clinical AssessmentInformation for applicants who require Clinical Assessment
ResourcesSome useful resources to help support your application
Reapplication FormApplicants reapplying to the foundation programme must submit this in addition to the eligibility application

How to Apply

There are two steps to submitting an eligibility application:

  1. Step 1: Register and Fill the Eligibility Application Form on Oriel
  2. Step 2: Upload Supporting Evidence on Oriel and Submit Your Application

Step 1: Register and Fill the Eligibility Application Form on Oriel

The Oriel application system is compatible with Safari v12+, Google Chrome v77+, Edge, and Firefox v68+. Use one of these browsers, preferably the latest version, and log in via a single browser at a time. Avoid using a mobile device. Detailed access information is available in the FAQ section on the UKFPO website.

Follow these steps to register:

  • Go to
  • Select the ‘UK Foundation Programme’ tile under the Applicants section on the left-hand side.
  • On the ‘welcome to Oriel page,’ click ‘register’ on the top right.
  • Choose ‘register to apply for the eligibility application process’ from the account registration options.

Once registered, complete the Eligibility application form. Find the form under “Vacancies” and select the Eligibility vacancy for the 2024 Foundation Programme.

Step 2: Upload Supporting Evidence on Oriel and Submit Your Application

The online eligibility application form requires personal details, information about your primary medical qualification, and your activities since completing your medical degree (if applicable), such as clinical experience and employment history. You’ll also be asked about your English language skills.

Ensure you upload all supporting documents/information on Oriel. Do not use zip file format for uploading evidence.

Applicant Communications on Oriel

Warning Advice to Applicants:

  • Start your application as early as possible and understand the requirements for supporting evidence.
  • Complete both steps 1 and 2 between 04 July 2023 (09:00 BST) and 25 July 2023 (12:00 noon BST). Failure to do so will render your eligibility application incomplete and make you ineligible for UKFP 2024.
  • UKFPO does not pre-check applications or review supporting evidence before submission.
  • UKFPO won’t contact applicants if their Oriel information is incomplete.
  • Upload all required documents on Oriel before submitting your application form.
  • Thoroughly check your application and supporting documents before submission.
  • You cannot upload additional documents or edit your application after submission. Ensure your submission meets the specified requirements. Failure to upload required documents will lead to ineligibility.
  • Read the guidance on the UKFPO website to understand the information and supporting evidence needed for the application.
  • If you made an error or mistake in your submitted application, it cannot be undone on Oriel. In such cases, you must re-register using a different email address and submit a new application within the application window (notify UKFPO via
  • For technical issues with the application form, try opening a new browser, clearing browser history, or deleting the cache. If the problem persists, contact for support.
  • UKFPO reserves the right to remove applicants from the process if new information affects eligibility status. Information provided by applicants and the resulting status may be shared with other organizations involved in the application process.

Applicants deemed “eligible” or “eligible with conditions” must also complete a separate application on Oriel for the two-year Foundation Programme for 2024. Refer to the main Foundation Programme application timeline for application dates.

What happens next

After completing the eligibility application, eligible applicants must also apply for the two-year Foundation Programme for 2024 on Oriel. Specific dates are available on the main Foundation Programme application timeline. Key changes for UKFP 2024 include Preference Informed Allocation (PIA), removal of SJT and EPM, and more.

Applicants who are deemed eligible or eligible with conditions must also complete the separate application for the two-year Foundation Programme for 2024 on Oriel.

Applicants must refer to the main Foundation Programme application timeline for application dates.

Applicants will have the option to apply for specialised and foundation priority programmes as part of the two-year application form.

UKFP 2024 Key Changes

A summary of the changes made to the application process for the 2024 Foundation Programme, Specialised Foundation Programme and the Foundation Priority Programme.

  • Allocation Process – Preference Informed Allocation (PIA): New allocation model for medical graduates. SJT no longer required.
  • Removal of the Situational Judgement Test (SJT): SJT no longer needed for Foundation Programme application.
  • Removal of the Educational Performance Measure (EPM) and medical school decile: EPM and decile score no longer used.
  • Oriel Application System Development: Changes made to support Preference Informed Allocation.
  • Specialised Foundation Programme (SFP) White Spaced Questions (WSQs): Streamlined with fewer questions.
  • Main Application Window Dates: Application window moved to 20 September – 4 October 2023.
  • National Appeals – Removal of Stage 1 Appeal Process: Stage 1 appeal process removed for eligibility application and pre-allocation application.
  • PLAB Booking Process – Priority List for the GMC: Applicants responsible for booking priority PLAB sittings.
  • Introduction of a Central IFST Application Review Panel: Central coordination for Inter-Foundation School Transfers.
  • Pre-allocation Application Process – Removal of NHS Bursary in WP Criteria: Updated criteria for financial support.
  • Applicant Guidance Moved to Web Format: Applicant guides moved to website pages for accessibility.

Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, submit all required documents accurately, and follow the timeline to apply for UKFP 2024 successfully. Stay updated on the application process and guidelines to have a smooth application experience.

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